Friday, April 8, 2011

Make like a train and Link

სამეურვეო ნომერი შვიდი
 (tutorial number seven)

Language of the week:


This week I linked up with a few other blogs and with my own old one (which I will get round to refreshing when all the assignation are over, I think its going to be a holiday blog).  This is a comment that I posted on Sarahs participation blog, and her reply:


Erin said...
I love all your photos Sarah. Are they all from your own garden? how luck to have grapes and fejoas! I beat you have heaps of fejoas at the moment.
they_may_have_joy said...
Thanks Erin Yes these are all from our own garden. We have had a very good crop of grapes and feijoas this year, unfortunately our tree ran out of it's feijoa stock a few weeks ago. In order to work through all of the fruit, we usually make homemade grape juice and feijoa juice

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