Monday, October 24, 2011

Lets be Practical

Practical requirements are stated in Hagedorn as "a list of all the tools, machines, objects, furniture and materials needed for the activity.  One also needs to list physical resources such as water, light and source of power." (2000, pg. 205)

There are a number of practical considerations for our choir. Some of them are the following:
     -As there are a large number of us we need a large space to practice
     -As we practice at night we need somewhere with lighting
     -As we practice all year round we need somewhere protected from the winter weather
     -As there are older members we need somewhere that affords us the opportunity to sit down  throughout the night
     -As we have soloists, it is helpful that we have microphones so that we can hear them above the sound of the choir while we practice.
     -As we are a Hamilton based choir it would be an easier location for most to reach if where we practice is near the centre of Hamilton.

All of these considerations are met by the church we practice in.  Grace Way Church is kind enough to allow us to practice in their building free of charge.  the building is warm, dry and well lit. The main room has plenty of space for our whole choir to fit.  This is the room where Grace Way holds there service every Sunday morning.  This room has a full sound system  which includes a switchboard, speakers, microphones and an over-head projector which we use to display our words.  One of the choir member’s husbands knows how to operate this set up and joins us each week to do so.  

Hagedorn, R. (2000). Tools for practice in occupational therapy: A structured approach to core skills and processes. London: Churchill Livingstone. 

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