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Can I take your Picture?

Tutoriaal nommer twee   (tutorial number two)
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Today we're looking at Digital Imaging

How do you store it? Transfer it? Get it from place to place?
There are many different ways to move your images and to store them around some examples are:
-different sized USB
-mass storage devices
-laptops or computers
-on the internet
......and many more

Digital Cameras "New vs Old"
"A new technology is rarely superior to an old one in every feature"

 have a wide range of Digital Technologies so I went to there website to have a look at what new digital cameras had to offer.  At the time I looked they had 52 different types of cameras on offer, I've chosen to have a look at the Canon Ixus 130 is closer detail as that’s the camera that I use.

This is the overview of the camera that DickSmith give:
Canon TruCapture technology 
TruCapture combines three innovative features so you can get the shot you want - DiG!C Colour Processor, Optical Image Stabilizer and Intelligent Auto.
Wide-Angle Lens
28mm wide-angle lens allows you to shoot beautiful landscapes or capture great group shots.
Optical Zoom
Genuine Canon 4x optical zoom lens (28mm-112mm) to get you closer to the subject.
High Definition Movies (1280 x 720)
Shoot High Definition Movies and view easily on TV with an optional HDMI cable.
Sharper Previews
2.7 inch LCD screen for viewing and sharing your photos.
Intelligent Auto
New Auto mode with Scene Detection, Face Detection, Motion Detection and Noise Reduction makes it even easier to get the perfect shot.
Intelligent Flash Exposure
Automatically detects flash requirements and adjusts the flash output, shutter speed, aperture and ISO speed to best suit the photo being taken.
DiG!C Image Processor
Delivers higher picture quality with faster processing speed.
Quality Images
14.1 Megapixels deliver outstanding quality images and stunning photo prints up to A2 size.
SDXC Memory Card Compatible
Additonally save all your precious memories to newer high capacity SDXC Memory cards.
As you can see this camera has many fetures and from personal experence takes a bit of playing around with to learn how to use them all, I've had it for nearly a year and and I still don't  fully understand it, however it takes a really good picture and serves the perpose I want it for.  

As good as some may feel all the new gadgets are not all are ready to let go of the older cameras.  The Blog
 Hello Holga is proof of this.  This blog is a collaboration of  several different bloggers bringing theirs and others Holga camera experiences and knowledge together. Though a link on their blog I was linked to the Lomography website.  They have an amongst their websites features was an online community for people to share their photos and they also have a shop where amongst other lomography cameras and accessories you can purchase a Holga 

I chose a basic black Holga 135BC to have a closer look at.  This is what Lomography  website had to say about it.
Product Description
Its unique vignette effect adds up to the overall mystery your photos will come out as, now in the standard 35mm film format. Produce those moody, gritty night-time shots with the Black Corner’s hot shoe flash mount. Heighten the suspense and tension of your shots with the long and multi-exposure feature. Create your own mystery story.
Additional Information
• 35mm film format
• Black corner mask that creates a shadowy vignette in the four corners of your photo.
• Plastic 47mm f/8 lens
• Zone focus feature – portrait, small group, big group and infinity.
• Standard hot shoe for external flash
• Uncoupled advance & shutter for multiple exposures
Plastic 47mm f/8 lens
Camera Type
Zone Focus
Film Type

So as you can see although the Holga has less features many prefer the vintage look of a Holga photo

 first spring flowers!


Digital Images in OT
On my last placement Digital Imaging was used by the staff to take photos of other staff performing assessments so that other new staff to the team can learn how to carry out theses assessments.
Digital Imaging is often used with clients to capture where their abilities are at the start of the placement, so as to be able to compare it with the end of the placement.

When using images in practice the practitioner needs to be diligent with what happens to the photographs, photos these days photos are easy to copy, so the practitioner needs to ensure that the photos are stored somewhere that others can not make copies with out consent.  They also need to make sure that photos are delete from the camera once they are stored somewhere safe so that others using the camera don’t see them as others may not have consent to see the photos .


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