Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lights - Camera - Rabit?

hướng dẫn số bốn  (tutorial number four)

Language of the week:

This week in class our challenge, if we chose to accept it, was to make a 30 second video clip about a letter of the alphabet.  We chose to accept and here is our result.

To make this clip we started with a list of all the actions we could think of that started with 'c', one of our team members was also had a bunny rabbit she was nursing with her so we thought we should try and include it.   Once we had a decent list we used a story board, we used a fairly basic story board but if you want to make a proper story board here is a YouTube video teaching you how to story board (Howcast, 2009).  Once our story board was done it was time to begin filming.  We used a tri-pod and tape video camera to do our filming outside one of our classes.  Once the filming was done it was back to class to edit.  After uploading the footage to the computer we used a editing program to select the good shots and to cut out the bad ones.  We also cut some of the footage that was too long so that we were able to get it down into the 30sec time frame.  Once we had the shots right we added music and there you have it, one 30 second alphabet video.

Howcast. (2009, September 21). YouTube. Retrieved March 22, 2001, from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65_3bq_0eSY


  1. Hi Erin
    A good start to your blog. Check that you have applied all the content required from the worksheets. Get somebody to check the spelling with you:)

  2. Hi Hilary, thank you.
    I'm slowly working through the sheet, I think I'll stick it into word and see if that helps.

  3. Hi Erin,

    I really enjoyed your video and the use of the different camera shots. Very 'c'reative :D

  4. Thank you Sarah =)
    We had a lot of fun making it